Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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Eudora Welty; A Worn Path Welty, Eudora. A Worn Path. Mankato, MN: Creative Education, 1991. Print. In Eudora Welty’s, A Worn Path, Phoenix Jackson is on a “Hero’s” type journey to obtain medicine for her grandson whom is sick; she encounters a hunter, and a few other townspeople and a doctor. This story involves an old women named Phoenix Jackson whom is “the oldest people {she} ever known”, she is on a journey to the town of Natchez to fetch medicine for her Grandson who swallowed Lye about two or three years ago. On this journey she is ragged and old which is parallel to the path she takes into town, which can be inferred she has taken it multiple times. She really enjoys the nature and the animals and the fields as she walks through them.…show more content…
As the hunter looses a coin Phoenix alters his attention to his dogs and then leans down with “grace” to pick the coin up. She then continues on her way and back into town. Phoenix is…show more content…
‘No, sir, I seen plenty go off closer by, in my day and for less than what I done,’ she said, holding utterly still.” One major theme in the story is that having a strong love for something brings out the courage and fearless side of you. Phoenix is on her journey to get the medicine for her grandson, it is a hard journey with countless tasks and overcoming of her fears and her ancient display. Along the way she crosses the path of a hunter who holds a gun, but Phoenix shows great courage because of her love for others and her grandson instead of standing down knowing that she had to overcome this task in order to move on to continually help her grandson. Another theme in the story is even tired beings can show characteristics of kindness and upbeat energy. In the midst of her lengthy feat she comes along to a hill, and even though she is very worn she “began to march across,” She is extremely outgoing and treats others the right way. Even though she is faced with a hard challenge she overcomes it with grace and

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