The Giver Relationships

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Imagine living in a society without knowing what living really is. The community Jonas and Fiona dwell in is a futuristic one, without color, feelings, or memories. The author tells a tale of two citizens (Jonas and Fiona), who unite to defy the odds, cross boundaries, and ultimately restore their community. In the book, The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, the author clearly makes us aware of the fact that Jonas and Fiona’s relationship isn’t just any ordinary one. We are able to recognize this is more than a normal companionship because we know how people in the community normally function compared to how Jonas and Fiona’s relationship works. Aside from others, Jonas’ community has chosen to live a life of “sameness,” or in other words the absence of difference. No one is allowed to have their own identity and every one’s life is preprogrammed as if they were puppets on a string controlled by the Committee of Elders. Unfortunately, almost everyone involved in this community does not have the capability to experience feelings such as love, pain, strength, and courage and memories such as…show more content…
Because of the fact she knows nothing about memories or feeling like every other citizen, but Jonas and the Giver, she can’t quite understand Jonas even though she knows she feels it too. As the Giver once said, “Memories are forever.” When you break the rules, you can’t expect everything to work out. It is said in the book, “We gained control of many things, but we had to let go of others,” pg. 94, and in Jonas’s case even though he can’t have Fiona because she can’t comprehend what she’s feeling for him and what Jonas is doing at his position at Receiver of Memory, he knows that he’s better off having a little taste of what not just love is actually, but what feelings and memories are period. Everything comes with a
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