The Fountainhead Individualism

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The philosopher Ayn Rand uses the novel The Fountainhead as a thinly veiled propagandist work through which she can put up an argument supporting her beliefs. Through the novel, she is able to influence the reader to agree with and support theses ideals. Within the revolutionary novel, what Rand believes to be the one true way to excellence for all of humankind is expressed in the main character, Howard Roark. The failures of human society, influenced most heavily by emotion and benevolence, is exemplified through the other characters in the novel, which are characterized in comparison strictly to Roark. With the assistance of characterization, diction and the use of disagreeing extremes, Ayn Rand is able to create an environment in which her…show more content…
He, in her eyes, is the example to which one should look up to and what everyone should strive to be. Rand instills in Roark the qualities that she believes to be the key to indefectibility. The primary reason as to why Roark is “perfect” is because he embraces individualism. Unlike the other characters, Roark strictly relies on his own mind to make his life choices. In the Afterword of the Centennial Edition of The Fountainhead written by Leonard Peikoff, entries from Rand’s own personal journal are featured in which her own descriptions and planning of the characters are revealed. One entry described Roark in full detail, and says “He is concerned only with what he does. Not how he feels. How he feels is entirely a matter of his own, which cannot be influenced by anything and anyone on the outside” (698). This quote directly divulges Rand’s goals for Roark. He is consumed entirely by selfishness. He is consumed by his mind, and uses his intelligence coupled with reason -rather than emotions- in order to make his choices. Roark is egoistic, meaning he is focused strictly on his own mind and self and worries only about the fulfillment of his own concupiscence and ambitions. In comparison to Rand’s values, Roark sets out reach his own objectives without

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