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The constellation of Aquarius, the Water-bearer, was chosen for this assignment as it provides very entertaining legends and seems to be a fairly interesting constellation. Aquarius belongs to a family of constellations called the Zodiacs and is the tenth largest constellation in the sky. Containing three Messier objects, Aquarius has seven stars with known planets and has four meteor showers associated with it. There are many creation myths surrounding the constellation of Aquarius. Many of these myths stem from Ancient Babylonian, Arab, Egyptian, Sumerian, Roman and Greek mythology. But the most familiar, accepted and famous myth is that of the story of Zeus kidnapping a young boy, Ganymede, as the god desired youth. presenting his pet eagle,…show more content…
As the golden orb of light began its journey through the sky, Aquarius made her usual trek through her village towards the river. Pulling a cart full of vases behind her. Upon reaching the river she would fill each vase and when finished made her way back to the village with the daily supply of water for the towns people. Today began no different. Aquarius rose with the sun and began her walk to the river. After filling her third vase and beginning her fourth, Aquarius heard a scream followed by a splash. Dropping the vase, Aquarius ran downstream towards the commotion. She continued to run downstream, following the strangled cries of the creature. Jumping over a fallen tree, Aquarius scanned the water and saw a ground spirit. taking pity on the spirit, as this type could not fly or swim, Aquarius cove into the river. But she had misjudged the strength of the current and it took her all her effort to remain above the water. Using the current to her advantage though, she swam towards the spirit. when she reached it she pulled the spirit from the water and place it onto her shoulder. Where it clung on for dear life. Spying a tree root protruding from the bank, Aquarius swam towards it, this time against the current. Aquarius and the spirit reached the bank tired and weak. Once she grasped the root, Aquarius lifted the spirit the spirit from her shoulder and onto the dam bank.

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