South Asian American Dating

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You were able to push past the awkward moments and jitters that often plague first dates – and even better, you experienced a real connection and had an unexpected great time. Now all you have to do is top the first date on the second one, and who knows? You may be dating your perfect match for months and years to come. While preparing for a first date may be nerve-wracking, planning a memorable follow up outing can be downright mindboggling. Taking on the dating world can be a daunting challenge, especially given the very liberal ways in which Americans often date. Finding the comfortable balance between conservative culture and western culture is a feat many South Asian Americans battle often, with dating being no exception. Nevertheless, as the prominence of South Asian American culture indicates, blending…show more content…
A second date is a classic opportunity to embark on the exclusive spots in your location and share your view with a completely different set of eyes. Stay in town and visit a local museum with a South Asian section or exhibit, botanical garden, popular attractions, and the best neighborhood diner or bar; review your city’s website or local newspaper for seasonal events and festivals. The options are endless, and maybe the possibilities with your date will will be too. Read Between the Lines Incorporating poetry and books into a date is a great way to connect on a more intimate level while not compromising conservative expectations. Head on over to your public library or a bookstore and browse the areas and titles that grab your attention. Be on the lookout for noteworthy works such as“Maximum City” by Suketu Mehta, “The Inscrutable Americans” by Anurag Mathur and “Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth. Then, let the evening lead you to a nearby open mic/poetry reading where you can continue to read between the lines together. Dining, Walking &

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