Jaws: A Sound Analysis

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But now think about what would happen if you changed that sound in a horror movie like Jaws and instead of the scary “Dum Dum Dumm” sound you replace it with a comical one. Instead of dealing with a scary shark you might as well be dealing with the kitty from under the deep, Paws. The point is that a scary threatening scene can be turned into slapstick parody through the use of sound alone. This is just how sounds are used in film- making for a multimedia project. The purpose of audio really is just to help create “mood and ambience” and how you do that is entirely up to the designer’s preference. (Sonic Studies) 2. Repercussions of Acoustics – (MIDI and Digital which is used and its purpose) From a more technical standpoint, there are more…show more content…
One can also easily edit the file or sound to either make it louder and more impactful or softer and more enticing. A designer can also change the tone quality to create a different mood. But it is just like a recorder, so the finer the resolution and the quality then the better you’re audio. This is the main disadvantage; the quality of your audio does in fact depend on the quality of the recording. It is device independent and it doesn’t matter what device the user plays it on if the initial quality is there. Sample sizes usually depend on the designer and the quality they want or what they are using it for. Sample sizes are usually 8 to 16 bits and the larger the size the more accurately the data will be described, this is why most designers stick with the larger bits. The difference? Well an 8 bit provides 256 equal measurement units of sound in that slice of time. However when compared to a 16 bit size a staggering 65,536 equal units in the same slice of time. Digital audio is often signified as an audio waveform for processing, storage or transmission. When analog sound waves are stored in digital form, each digital audio file can be decomposed into a series of

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