Klinefelter's Syndrome Essay

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PART B Question 1: Write what you as a medical specialist would need to say to these parents to accurately inform them about (care needed, possible degrees of severity, quality of life and financial impact) multiple issues. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Eavstone, I’m sorry to inform you that your son has Klinefelter syndrome. Before you ask questions may I share some advice and knowledge while you process the information; and hopeful lly it will give you an understanding of the disease. Firstly your son has the rare diseases of Klinefelter syndrome or XXY syndrome. It’s a genetic health disorder in which there is an extra X chromosome in the standard human male karyotype. Usually 46 chromosomes are found in the human body; and when the making of a child occurs the mother in the egg carries 23 chromosomes likewise with the father in the sperm. However your son has 27 chromosomes as he carries an extra X chromosome as you can tell from the name XXY syndrome. Klinefelter syndrome can come in multiple severities, 48, XXYY, 48, XXXY and 49, XXXXY syndromes. Fortunately your son has the least severe and most common of the disease…show more content…
In the younger years; your son may face issues with weaker muscles causing lack of control, support and creating different movements with their body. In the puberty stage, the physical traits will be visible; your son may be taller, have longer limbs, grow breast tissue and have broad hips. Your son may also have a low energy level, weaker bones and a lack of manly features including facial hair as they cannot produce a sufficient amount of testosterone. Your son will be born with small tsetse, be infertile, deal with educational issues; at worst mental retardation. Due to having differences many children with the disease are bullied causing humiliation and low self esteem. Nonetheless there are options and help for people dealing with Klinefelter

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