The Feminist Argument Analysis

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On September 23, 2015, seven protesters arrived outside of the St. Matthews Cathedral Church where the Pope was meeting with U.S bishops. The protesters were there protesting against the ban of women being ordained into priesthood. According to the Huffington Post, four of the protesters were women (Mellen, “Protesting Priest Urge Pope to End ‘Thousands of Years of Misogyny’”). One of the protesters, Rev. Roy Bourgeois, was excommunicated for supporting the ordination of women in 2008, and was expelled from the priesthood in 2012 after the Vatican found out. According to Huffington Post, “representatives of the nonprofit Women's Ordination Conference attended the rally in support of the protesters” (Mellen, “Protesting Priest Urge Pope to End ‘Thousands of Years of Misogyny’”). The protesters occupied the crosswalk by staging a “die-in” until they were asked by police to move, some had to be physically moved. Sevre-Duszynska, one of the women protesters, said that the protest was a success because as the Pope was leaving he made eye-contact with them.…show more content…
This event is an example is sexism because the Catholic Church feels that men are more inherently superior to women. The Catholic Church don’t ordain women because they believe women can’t teach or have authority over men, and can’t publically question the teachings of the clergy. The Catholic Church denies these people ordination into priesthood based solely on the fact that they are women, and is this discrimination. Catholicism says that God created everyone equally and should treated so. The Catholic Church should not discriminate against women and let them be ordained into

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