Team Case Study: Public Community Gym

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1. What partner will you need? The most important resources I need from other are training ground and equipment. Thus I think the type of supplier I need is strategic alliance and key suppliers. I will work with a public community gym to form a strategic alliance. I will find some upstream manufacturers or dealer who sales exercise equipment as my key supplier, so I can upgrade the equipment to enhance the training result and sale to my customers. 2. Why do you need them? The major reason for strategic alliance is because I need a place for training use. It is most economic way to me. I can also attract those people who are already using gym to adopt my services. On the other hand, the reason I need manufacturers and dealer is because I need equipment for at home training program, gym upgraded, and shopping services. 3.…show more content…
What are the risks? The primary risk to me is if when the public community gym decides not offering me the place. That will directly results in losing a major revenue stream since I don't have enough capital for my own gym. The other risk is that the township office might copy my idea and starts own training program, then it will turn into my biggest competitor. 4. Why will they partner with you? The public community gym will partner with me is because it doesn't have people to manage and maintain the gym to better serve the community. I can increase its service quality and utilization rate, and further increase governance satisfaction from town people. The township office can also acquire extra income because I pay the rent. The manufacturers and dealer will partner with me is because I am their customer and I will buy their product. 5. What is the cost of partnership? The partnership with public community gym costs NTD$15,000 per month for the rent, and the cost of partnership with manufactures and dealer is the cost of equipment. 6. Describe your partnership relationship and how the money will

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