Explain The Methods And Techniques To Support Children With Speaking And Listening

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The methods and techniques used to support children with speaking and listening. Most children are born wanting to communicate. This means that if you provide the right environment, stimulus and support, most children will learn to speak and listen fairly easily. Encouraging children’s speech: Adults working with children have to be good at listening as children need to practise speech. Children need opportunities to talk and be listened to. It is important that you consider when working with children whether you are doing too much of the talking! A good listener acknowledges What has been said by commenting, asking a further question or through body language; they do not try to change the subject, interrupt or take over. They also let children lead the pace of the conversation so children do not feel hurried. Listening is thus a real skill, but one that can be developed and has huge benefits for children. Children Who are lucky enough to have adults who listen to them and allow them to do the talking tend to become more articulate and fluent in their speech.…show more content…
Encouraging children’s listening means you need to start by thinking about their needs as well as their language level. It is hard to listen if you do not understand all of what is being said so it is essential that story times and other organised language activities take account of individual children’s language levels. It is also important to think about children’s interests: children who are enjoying a subject and can cope with the language level are likely to listen well. A good example of this is the way in which an adult telling a lively story with props can keep quite young children in rapture for fifteen minutes, but another adult who is talking in a monotone voice about something that the children do not understand can lose their interest within the first couple of

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