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As Christopher Hitchens has rightly said that “Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.” Humanity is worthier than religion. Religion is a signboard that confirms the way to altar and makes an individual follow the regulations set within the boundaries by that particular religious chancel. But it takes a life time for an individual to ascertain humanity in oneself and preach the gospel of humanity to its extreme. Shaw is poetic in narration about life with his pendent tongue that never gets tired in articulating the gist and existence of human race as the supreme docile in exuberance to each other. He elucidates the art of elaborating and limitations of the trifle life of human beings on the earth. He even exemplifies the…show more content…
The requirement that one earns one’s salvation by performing the necessary work of the world, … is met by Morell and Anderson, while a more esoteric need to retreat from the world’s tangle of social, familial, and erotic demands – is met by those who, like Marchbanks and Richard, owe their allegiance to a more exalted ideal: a mission as artist-philosopher or exemplar of a high morality.” Main Article The play The Devil’s Disciple is set at the background of The American Revolutionary War during 1775-1783 under the shadow of The Battles of Saratoga, USA. The British Colonies were uprooted by the ‘Rebels’ in America for their independence from the British. The British lost the battle and the Americans gained power over Thirteen American Colonies leading to the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776 from the clutches of the British rule. General John Burgoyne was a British who from Canada attacked with his army in Saratoga to rescue British soldiers and the city of Saratoga from the authority of American revolutionists. Unfortunately General Burgoyne was defeated in the year 1777 by the Americans and was surrendered as he lost the battle of Saratoga.

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