Rosa Parks, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. And Hong Kong: An Analysis

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Your Intro: Sometimes protests can be for good reason some for reason people disagree on and when that happens these protest can become violent and the end results aren't good. These are three activist that went through this experience Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Joshua Wong. They all were or are fighting for a cause that I believe in. Your Body Paragraph 1: The first activist is Rosa Parks, she was the one who started the bus boycott and protested for black rights. The day was a tiring day for Rosa and she found a seat in the black section, a few stops and the bus was getting more full, the bus driver noticed that white people were standing and ask Rosa Parks to stand up, she refused and got arrested. She was born February 4, 1913 Tuskegee Alabama. The day she got arrested she was coming back from a hard day at the barber shop and she got a spot in the black area but more and more people kept coming on with every stop the bus was making. The bus driver noticed white people were standing up, he asked Rosa to get up she refused, the bus driver threatened to call the police but, still she refused to get up, later she got arrested.…show more content…
He went to college and is the secretary general of a political party called Deposito. He was born 0ctober 13, 1996 with dyslexia preventing him from learning as quick as regular kids. Joshua is an active activist and protests as much as he can. Since some people disagree with him he gets hate, at a speech he was holding, two men started throwing eggs at him, the men got arrested and fined 3000 dollars. One incident he was in that was on the news is he was going to Thailand and when he arrived police arrested him and told him he was blacklisted and stuck there for 12 hour. When he was protesting he claims he was attacked by police and beaten. Even though Wong has been arrested and attacked many time he still protest in thing he believes

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