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Chrysanthemums also called “chrysanths” or “mums” belong to genus Chrysanthemum L. of family Asteraceae. It is one of the most important blossoming plants. Chrysanthemum plant is native to northeastern Europe and Asia, especially in China and Japan. Chrysanthemum cultivars of China were totally different than those present in Europe. The chrysanths were first cultivated in China as a blossoming herb and are described in writings as early as the fifteenth Century B.C. As an herb, it has the power of life. The roots are boiled and used as a migraine remedy; petals and young sprouts were eaten in salads and leaves were prepared for a festive drink. The ancient name of chrysanths is “Chu.”, in China. The Chinese city of Chu-Hsien (which…show more content…
However, a few still resemble daisies. Regardless of the blossom type, they all belong to the Asteraceae family. In more recent times, growers among many countries began to propagate chrysanths. Hybrid in France, Japan, England, and the United States had developed a wide range of floral colors, shapes, and sizes. At present, its colors include various shades of white, purple, red, pink, bronze, yellow, and orange. A few cultivars have completely different colors between the disc and ray florets and a few have ray florets that are bicolored on the face and reverse sides. Petals on chrysanths are literally florets (a small flower, typically a part of a dense cluster, especially, one amongst the disk or ray blossoms of a composite plant such as a daisy) since each sexual parts (female/male) exist in all. The chrysanths blossom has a pair of kinds of florets one type is ray florets that will be known as petals on a daisy, and other is disc florets that are the center florets in a daisy variety of bloom. Only the disc florets will reproduce. All classes of chrysanths have both kinds of florets though in many classes, the disc florets aren’t

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