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Do you want to watch a basketball game that half of the time is just shooting free throws? The answer is probably no, but it is happening in the NBA (National Basketball Association). Recently, it became a debatable issue that whether NBA should prohibit intentional fouls or not. Intentional fouls are fouls intentionally committed by losing team in order to extend the game and get a chance to win. In basketball, if a player commits a foul, the opponent gets two free-throws. After the opponent shot free throws, the team that committed the foul gets the ball. Losing team can reduce the lead and win the game in two ways. They can wish that the opponent misses free throws, or they can make a three-point shot. As a basketball player who committed…show more content…
According to Los Angeles Time, Mike Bresnahan and Ben Boleh say that some games that intentional fouls were used took 84 minutes to finish the first half of the game. NBA has four quarters, and each quarter has twelve minutes. This means that intentional fouls are going to drag players up to almost twice as the total playing time. Intentional fouls are not only causing players to play longer, but also it affects players’ bodies. When players wait for a free thrower to shoot two free throws, their bodies get cool down. This affects players’ performance, and it would cause players to miss a shot and fumble the ball. NBA can prevent this if they ban intentional fouls because the time that players need to wait during free-throws will decrease. Furthermore, it also decreases unnecessary technical fouls because players who are committed intentional fouls by the opponent tend to get frustrated and aggressive. Those technical fouls could be punching other player, kicking the ball, and so on. This happens more often in a Hack-a-Shaq situation. Hack-a-Shaq is a strategy that losing team keeps fouling a player whose free-throw percentage is below average. When losing team commits intentional fouls, they usually do that multiple times, and they try to hug and touch the opposing player to get fouls. Do you want to see players hugging middle of the

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