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Leader Checklist Many people visualize leaders as people who wear suits, ride in extravagant cars, and talk in front of thousands of people stating their positions and thoughts on ideas. But the truth is that many do not wear the luxurious suits and many do not ride lavish cars. A leader doesn’t need any of these to climb the hard terrain upward, but only needs his or her will power and personality qualities to hike their way uphill. Among those qualities, the most important of them are courage, resourcefulness, intelligence and endurance which can be found in historical Mexican Figures. Courage, a trait possessed by many leaders, but used faulty by several, is one of the most considerable personality trait that the Niño’s Héroes (hero kids) possessed. Ranging from ages 13-19 these cadets chose to stay behind while the rest of their army retreated as American forces…show more content…
“He was a Zapotec Amerindian peasant who overcome illiteracy and became the President of Mexico, serving five terms between 1858 and 1872” (Manuel Arvizu). Juarez with his endurance and intelligence was able to overcome his disabilities. A leader needs these traits because without them, they are simply chained to an unprogressive place where they will never grow or help their country flourish. “Juarez’s loyalty to his men and country led him to win the war over the French invasion [with the aid of Abraham Lincoln] regaining control of the country” (Manuel Arvizu). He was a loyal man to his country, who had the knowledge that the freedom of his people was more important than his own life. Juarez possessed all the traits that a leader needs: intelligence, endurance, and loyalty to his country. Without these a leader could easily turn and stab their country in the

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