'Ordinary' By Jorge Quintero: Song Analysis

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Opening credits: “300 Violin Orchestra” by Jorge Quintero Obviously by looking at the cover of “True Legend” you can tell it's about basketball. I am using this song because it just gets you pumped up and is all about sports. This song is a perfect fit for the opening credits like showing highlights of Drew's basketball games. Song 2: “Ghost Walking” by lamb of god At the beginning of the story Drew Robinson thought he saw a ghost. The ghost was dressed in old school basketball clothes. He had on a pair of classic Air Jordans that no one had anymore. The ghost was shooting hoops in the park, and never missed. When drew tried to talk to him he ran away. I picked ghost walking because the title describes exactly what drew saw. Song 3: “All…show more content…
They call him “True Robinson”, and everyone knows when you get a nickname that's when you are really good. He's not even 16 years old, and already colleges are already scouting him out. He has already been on ESPN television. This song relates to him in another way because by now we know that Drew is pretty cocky and that’s a vibe this song gives out. Song 4: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R-Kelly I chose this Song because Drew and his friend Lee head back to try and find the so called “Ghost” the next night, and talk about Basketball legends who could fly. Drew explains to Lee that there is something special about this “ghost”. He compares him to Doctor J (Julius Erving) , who made people think he could fly. Jordan came in after Doctor J with an even better ability of Flying. When they got to the court the ghost was there. Song 5: “Complete Beloved” by The Black Eyed Peas I chose this song because it's from the sound track love and basketball. Drew is in love with Callie and she doesn't even know it. They speak the same language, the language of basketball. He secretly watches her at games and practices. He is too shy to talk to her. The movie “Love And Basketball” is about a guy and a girl that both are very good at basketball and that relates to this part in the

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