Brief Summary Of The Book 'Jimmy Coates Killer'

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In the book Jimmy Coates Killer, there is an 11 year old kid named Jimmy. He lives like any other boy that lives in Great Britain. One day while wrestling with his sister, Jimmy used a fighting technique the he never learned before. He is curious how he knew and wondered why. Then, some men are at his house and talks to his parents to get Jimmy for some reason. They take Jimmy’s parents with them and try to get Jimmy as well however Jimmy somehow fights them off and escapes. His sister escaped too. Jimmy doesn’t know why men are after him and his parents and how he can fight so well. He is followed by a guy named Mitchell, who tries to rob him but Jimmy easily beats him. Next he goes to the police station to receive help, but the police are…show more content…
Then, helicopters were after him and he throws the pilot off the helicopter and somehow knew how to fly one. Jimmy was discovering things he never knew before he could do. Other helicopters were after him and to escape, he decides to jump in a river. In the water, he also discovers that he can breathe underwater. The next day, he is found by his sister and her friend, Eva, however Eva’s parents drugged him with orange juice. When he woke up he found out that he was in an association called NJ7 for the government. He discovers that he is an engineered assassin and is mostly a machine, his parents work for NJ7, and also is teacher is too. Jimmy is ordered to kill a guy named Chris Viggo, an opposing threat to the prime minister that is supporting democracy. His machine part of him kicks in and he is fighting Chris Viggo and is going to kill him. Right as he had his chance to kill, his human part of him held him back. He ends up joining Viggo and saves his friend Felix, his sister, and Eva. Their mission was to save Jimmy’s parents. They were looking for entrances for NJ7 and found a secret doorway that led to a series of tunnels

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