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Why do Aussies love rebel characters such as the iconic Ned Kelly, the loveable larrikin Darrel Kerrigan and the satirical comedy series The Chasers? Matthew Keye explores the notion are Australian’s really anti-authoritarian?. You won’t believe what is discovered about our ‘true blue’ nation. You would probably think an average Aussie loves barbecues, dedicates entire weekends to watching the sports channels, supports the underdog and despises authority. Well, most of those representations are true. Australians have a little of each inside of them. In Australia, we have the luxury of living in one of the lowest crime rates in the world, yet we still idolise characters like Ned Kelly, the legendary bush ranger of the 1800’s, who murdered three police officers and held up a string of banks. This article delves deep into Australia’s true beliefs, attitude and values, which demonstrates how our representation of being anti-authoritarian, is not entirely true. ‘Our Sunshine’, ‘The Castle’ and ‘The Chasers’ are valid representations of anti-authoritarians. These texts influence our behaviour, and shape us as an anti-authoritarian society.…show more content…
This group of larrikins that go around exposing people in power, pulling devilish pranks or and even busting into huge corporations, just for the sake of it. Aussies love them, as secretly they wish they could be doing the same thing. Did you know that more than three million Aussies tune in to watch the Chasers, every single episode? This definitely shows how in love we are with these top blokes, we just can’t get enough of their hilarious antics. Not only do we love the way the Chasers take action on the authorities, we also love and look up to what Ned Kelly stood up for in his time as an

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