The Bystander Effect Video Analysis

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In this video you can see an elderly man trying to cross a street. In the process of one car trying to pass another car, it hits the man. Instead of stopping to check on the elderly man, the car does not even slow down. It actually speeds away. No one on the street seemed to be very concerned because they did not even make an attempt to help him. While lying on the road, screaming in pain, people just walk on by him. He was clearly lying there in need of help and for at least a minute in the middle of the road and no one helped him. Whenever I was watching the video I could hardly believe that whoever hit him did not stop. Whenever they drove away I felt horrible for the man, but then whenever the people just kept walking around and not helping,…show more content…
To help him, would be an inconvenience for them and if no one else was helping, why should they? I, on the other hand, feel so much empathy for people and would hope that if I was in the situation of the man, that someone would stop to help me because I would do the same. Video 2: The Bystander Effect In this YouTube video, they test out the theory that power does not always come in numbers. First, a woman dressed in normal clothes, lies on some stairs in a populated area and acts hurt/distressed. People just walk by her and most even ignore her for 15 minutes until finally someone asks her if she is okay. Next, a guy dressed in nice business clothes lies on the same corner and does the same thing as the woman. It only took people 6 seconds to check on him. Who you are really affects who will help you in a situation. While watching the first part of this video, I was confused about why no one would even check to make sure that she was okay. Then, whenever the man got immediate attention, I was angered by the people. They only helped because they thought he was of social importance, while the lady was disregarded. People should help out of the goodness of their heart, and not because they want recognition

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