The Bystander Effect Video Analysis

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In this video, you see an older man walk across a two lane highway. There are no cars in the lane that he is crossing. Suddenly, two cars cross the double yellow line and hit the man. The two cars turn on the next street. They don’t even stop. No one helped him. No one did anything. Finally, the police come to help the man. My reaction to this video is why did no one help him? Why did the cars not stop? Why did they cross a double yellow line in the first place? If we can just walk away from things like this then what does that say about us as humans? I feel like it says that we aren’t as compassionate and caring as we should be. The Bystander Effect In this video, you see a man laying hurt on the ground. People pass and look at him but no…show more content…
Then, the man dresses differently. Suddenly, everyone wants to help the hurt man. My reaction to this video is why did it make a difference when the man changed clothes? Why did no one help him when he was dressed differently even though they clearly saw him? Why is it that we treat people differently when they aren’t just like us? Why are we so prejudice against others? Stanley Milgram Experiment In this video, men between the ages of 20 and 50 go to Yale University for an experiment on what they think is about how they learn. A psychologist assigns one man to be shocked for every wrong answer he gives and one to ask the questions and inflict the punishment. The man being says that he has heart problems. This man knows about the experiment so he takes the shocking equipment off when the others leave the room. The teacher, or the man shocking the learner, is then told that for every wrong answer he has to shock the other man. The voltage ranges from 15 volts-little to no shock to 450 volts-deadly shock. The learner, or man being shocked, answers many questions wrong and makes uncomfortable sounds. If the teacher stopped he was told to go on. All participants went up to 300 volts. Sixty-five percent of

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