The Gift Of The Magi Vs. The Most Dangerous Game

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Short stories provide intriguing storylines that have many divergent outcomes. The Gift Of The Magi and The Most Dangerous Game are two short stories that both have different aspects about them that make them enjoyable. The Gift Of The Magi is a sweet short story by O’Henry, that has acts of selflessness incorporated thoroughly. The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell is very contrasting to The Gift Of The Magi with its feeling of suspense. Although The Gift of The Magi was a heartwarming story, The Most Dangerous Game proved to be better because of its, mystery,violence and plot development. In some cases mystery isn’t always the best aspect to have in a story, for instance The Gift Of The Magi delightful story that has nothing to do…show more content…
The Gift Of The Magi has many different aspects to it, but violence it not one of them. The main detail that adds to the story is the couple's love for eachother and their selflessness. Although sweetness and selflessness can help a reader connect to characters a wide range of emotions is useful. When a story has a wide range of emotions the reader can use experience from their own life to feel what the character feels. The Gift Of the Magi didn’t have a wide range of emotions like The Most Dangerous Game did. The Most Dangerous Game’s suspense and mystery also incorporates violence and it is one of the reasons that the plot development it so good. Violence in a story helps you connect to the characters and it makes you feel strongly about one side of the plot. "Thank you, I'm a hunter, not a murderer." The General admits and sees nothing wrong with hunting humans. The General has taught himself that killing is okay if you the one hunting. He thinks that the natural order of society is for the weak to be picked off so the strong can succeed. It is easy for readers to relate to Rainsford’s variety emotions in the short story. In the end of the story both of the characters who were thought to be the strong male are killed ”picked off”, that shows that one person can have different layers and that characters can change positions very…show more content…
When it is first revealed that General Zaroff hunts human Rainsford is distressed, but his fear grows when Zaroff decides to hunt Rainsford. Rainsford is turned into something much like a vicious animal being hunted. The plot’s resolution comes when Rainsford kills General Zaroff , that is when Rainsford and the General switch roles. General Zaroff becomes the weak hunted and Rainsford becomes the strong emotionless hunter. Rainsford goes through a transition of thinking it is unethical to murder a human for enjoyment as a game, to doing whatever it takes to stay alive like killing Ivan and General Zaroff. Although Rainsford murdered Ivan and General Zaroff in an act of self defence it would also be considered murder. The act of killing Zaroff and Ivan he didn’t only protect himself from them he also protected all of the sailors being held in the basement from them. After Rainsford got a taste of killing for amusement he could turn into a monster like General Zaroff who hunted innocent people for no reason except his own enjoyment. The writer leaves all possible outcome to what happens after the story in the hands of the

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