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Insurgent, written by Veronica Roth, is a realistic fiction book. The book takes place during a post-war Chicago area. The people are separated into 5 groups based on area of strength. For example: dauntless for the brave, and candor for the honest. Insurgent takes place after power-thirsty Jeanine Matthews, leader of the erudite, tries to take over the dauntless. Beatrice Prior, or commonly referred to as Tris, is a divergent. Divergence is when one can fit into more than one faction. Being divergent is what primarily targeted the dauntless attack. Rather, but in Insurgent her main objective is to defeat Jeanine. In the beginning Tris was very reluctant to love ,a seen on page 51, when she hesitates to say "i love you " back to her lover/boyfriend, Tobias. In the beginning, we see Tris as very confident. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Later in the book, she becomes much more insecure and is in the middle of an identity crisis. She believes she does not fit in with any of the factions. So she later classifies herself as “Insurgent” I can identify with Tris when she realizes that being divergent/herself is more important. i can relate because when I was at my…show more content…
After, some Dauntless ,including her and Tobias, go to the Amity headquarters for peace. There the Erudite visit and they have a large quarrel. Later, they hop onto a train and arrive at the factionless domain. At this time we find out that Evelyn ,leader of the factionless, is Tobias' mother. Soon after, they go on a quest to the Candor faction. Here they are influenced under the truth serum. We find out that Tobias left Abnegation to leave his abusive father. Also, Tris finally confesses that she is the one who killed Will. Later, Tris turns herself into te Erudite.Finally, it is found out that there world was false. The a faction system was a experiment from real-world

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