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Gummy bears Do you like Gummy Bears? What I am about to share with you is just a few facts on one of the world’s favorite gummy snacks. In this article you will lea just some of the hidden/ unknown facts about Gummy bears. I cannot Guarantee that what I am about to share with you are secrets but I can definitely educate you a little about them. I definitely have learned about my favorite little Gummy snack and have been curious about some of the questions myself. Will you learn the same, and will you be educated? Where were Gummy bears first made? They were first manufactured in Bonn, Germany. They were created by Hans Riegel in Bonn, Germany. Hans also started Haribo, the first ever Gummy bear company. Hans got tired of his dead end job so he started to make sweets, making hard colorless candy. His wife was also the…show more content…
Quite frankly, now there is a lot of things you can do with gummy bears; sweaters, vodka shots, what else can they come up with! I really want that sweater though, but only for special occasions of course. They are printed gummy bears on sweaters basically, I hope that if someone were to buy it that it would be worth it. The different sizes include; small, medium, large, an extra large. Can you get gummy bears caffeinated? Yes you can in fact get them full of caffeine, this would be useful for a quick boost of energy. It’s like oreo’s, except that it is for coffee! This flavor for gummy bear would be best sold in like a coffee shop like; Starbucks. I have personally never tried this flavor and I don’t think I ever will. What are the different flavors of gummy bears? The flavors of gummy bears available come in; raspberry (Red); orange (Orange); strawberry (Green); pineapple (Colorless); and also lemon (Yellow)! All of these gummy bears come in a variety of flavors to enjoy and savor. These flavors are also among the most popular to buy in stores! However, people can also get them in different flavors as

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