Roseanne: The Ever-Changing Television Show

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“She who must be obeyed” is emblazoned on a sweatshirt the loud-mouthed mother of three Roseanne Conner wears in a late season of the now classic T.V. show Roseanne (1988-1997). This in-your-face, women rule attitude was present from the very first episode of this iconic series. Not only was Roseanne a vociferously feminist show but it was also a real, human depiction of the lives of lower middle class families. The show collected more than several Emmy nominations and wins as well as Golden Globes. It churned one of the most beloved actors of today, John Goodman, and some of the most well known screenwriters, Joss Whedon. All of this coming from a stand up comic from Utah named Roseanne Barr. Roseanne was a game changing television series that showed the very real lives of lower middle class Americans and gave a feminist perspective never before seen on television. Roseanne was the man of the house, she took charge and did what she needed to to keep her family running. From working all day to having to take care of her children and husband, Roseanne both showed the struggles many…show more content…
Her unwillingness to simply step away and be affirmative had an impact on the show. In the episode “An Officer and a Gentleman” Roseanne is not in this episode because they were trying out not having her in the show. With conflict between Roseanne and the others who worked on the show heated up we see them try to get her off the show. Off the cameras Roseanne was having problems with other people who worked on the show with her. The people who worked with her said she was too controlling. Roseanne was the story of her life and she was entitled to some control over the show. She was not going to back down and let the “men” that were running the show take over. In many ways she showed that you can overcome anything in life in this case it was from men who wanted to have more power of the

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