Groundhog Day Themes

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When a film has comedic aspects as well has romantic aspects it is called a romantic comedy. Romantic comedies play on your feelings while making you laugh a little here and there. However, Groundhog Day is different than the modern day romantic comedies. Groundhog Day was a hilarious movie, that ended up being a love story about a self entitled man who did not have a care in the world about anyone but himself, and a nice, caring, and beautiful girl who he worked with. What is different in Groundhog day is the themes that accompany the film. This movie was deeper than a love story, and it was deeper than a comedy. It was about a man who was lost in his own life. He didn’t have a family; he didn’t have anyone in his life that could help him. He only had himself and his job, and he was a jerk. His name was Phil Connors and he was an anchorman, and every year he had to travel to Punxsutawney to cover the annual Groundhog Day ceremony. In my opinion Phil thought he was too good for this gig and he was not happy about going. He treated everyone badly, especially his coworkers Rita and Larry. Phil and his crew are then trapped in the small town because of a snowstorm. When Phil wakes up the next morning, the day has not changed for him. It is still Groundhog Day and the day repeats for a long time. Throughout the movie Phil changes into a man who is…show more content… defines purgatory as “any condition or place of temporary punishment, suffering, expiation, or the like.” I think that Phil is in a place of purgatory, where he has to become a better person by suffering through his least favorite day of the year. Punxsutawney is a place where Phil has to atone for his sins, and one of those sins is Ned Ryerson. Phil says he barely knows Ned, but Ned says he remembers Phil. Phil was more than likely a bad person to Ned, and that is why Ned remembers him. Punxsutawney is Phil’s

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