Comparing Poems 'The Writer And' Advice To My Son

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Looking at the poems “The Writer” by Richard Wilbur and “Advice to My Son” by Peter Meinke, both of the poems are showing the relationship between the speaker and a child. On the other hand of the narrator gives advice to a son in “Advice to My Son,” a father’s thought to his daughter is warmly illustrated in “The Writer.” Also, the child’s gender is one of the most important parts to analyze the poems because a difference in child’s gender really affects fathers’ attitude toward their children. Even though the narrator is never defined in “Advice to My Son,” it is assumable that the narrator is a father of the son because of considering the choice of words and way of talking. Meanwhile, there are some common parts; the poems have “absolute” differences such as child’s gender. Considering the absolute differences in the…show more content…
The main flow of the poem is somehow brusque, cynical, and witty; yet it is assumable that the advice to the son based on the father’s experience. Focusing on the advice from the father to the son, it implies that the son is in his latter teenage years or in early twenties because the son is not married yet and is getting the advice of a marriage from the father. In “The Writer,” the daughter of the narrator is suggested around the late twenties to the early thirties because she already has a job of the writer and stays with the narrator as her father. In addition, a relationship between sons and fathers develops along both of them get older. For example, from the sons at very young age yearn the fathers, but the sons change the way of looking at the fathers as repulsive, disagreeable, and eventually thankful. In the case between daughters and the fathers is not basically complicated as the case of the sons because the daughters at very young age look at the fathers as playmates and change the way of looking at the fathers as manly, admirable, and affectionate

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