Texas Government Weaknesses

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Every system has their strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s a state, a city, or even a work place there will always things that are better than others. Texas has so many parts and pieces that make the state go round. This state has been historicaly known to be able to stand on its own. Even with that there is still down falls to every system. Some of our weaknesses are the same ones that every state battles with. Some of the points that I want to look at a little more in depth are, corruption with lobbying, overspending on campaigns, downfalls in our prison system, the strength in which business find appealing to want to make the move to Texas, and lastly the strength in upholding our second amendment. One of the most important parts of our…show more content…
Lobbyist play a huge part in the corruption of politicians. I believe this is one of the weaknesses in our government. Lobbyist will do whatever they have to do to get their bill into law. In one of the videos we watched, Jack Abramoff talks about his time as a lobbyist. He describes situations where he spent over 1 million dollars on items to bribe members of congress. He also spoke about how he used to use drinks and food as bribery methods as well. Bottom line is if you throw an ungodly amount of money in front of someone who likes money, then one can easily have the powerful politician in their back pocket. Money, in this day and age is usually the key to the kingdom. Rarely will you see someone turn down money. This defiantly shows a weak point in government. Yes there has been…show more content…
Within our state we have two types of prisons; private and state ran. Each, although they are prisons, are ran very differently. In a state prison there are certain guidelines that have to be followed in order to keep them up and running. The guards are properly trained and the facilities are much cleaner than the private prisons. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe prisons needs to be the Ritz, but I do feel it is necessary that the health of the people inside is not put at risk. Private prisons are often in it to make money. In the private sector, more money is made per head that is incarcerated in their prison. In fact there has been a push to have more people moved to these prisons because of the amount that can be made off of them. Private prisons are often known for their lack of cleanliness and the lack of properly trained guards. When a guard lacks proper training, this puts their life at risk. They do not have the knowledge to handle situations that could put their lives at risk. Because these situations are bad, riots are the result. When you add a riot to an already bad situation, you get an even worse situation. Here is what I propose to make this weakness a strength. Private prisons should be limited and regulated. Guards in these prisons should also receive more training so they are better equipped to handle all situations. I believe that we also need to take a closer look at who and why these

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