Refugee Services Mission Statement

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Refugees and other displaced persons must reestablish their lives after distressing and tragic circumstances. Once they are granted refugee status and transported to the U.S., refugees heavily rely on services such as Refugee Services of Texas to support them as they acclimate to their new life in the U.S. RST seeks to support its clients in attaining access to health care services, federal and state supplemental support programs, and empower them to access these in the future through cultural adjustment workshops and support groups. As stated in the agency’s mission statement, “Refugee Services of Texas welcomes refugees, immigrants, and other displaced people and supports them in integrating and thriving in their new communities” (“About…show more content…
The specific operative goals of RST are to: 1) deliver stable housing for refugees by locating affordable apartments, facilitating leasing paper, and providing furniture and basic housewares; 2) obtain education for clients and their children by assisting with school enrollment paperwork; 3) gain access to health services by completing new patient profiles, scheduling doctors’ appointments, assisting with health insurance paperwork, locating resources for specific medical needs, and managing referrals; 4) provide employment and job readiness by developing CVs, teaching interview skills, assisting in the job search process and securing a job placement; and 5) support clients’ emotional need through in-house counseling and by providing referrals for other systems of support. Together all of these operative goals lead the organization’s success in integrating its client into the local community. Each task stabilizes the client in the community through orientation and practices of specific life…show more content…
On a much smaller level within the agency itself, members of RST reassess their goals services quarterly and discuss if any shifts in services have veered away from it (E. Schmidt-Portnoy, Personal Communication September 24, 2015). When asked about RST and whether or not it was fulfilling its goal to their clients, employees remarked that there is little interpretation about resettlement goals and services in regards to the outline set forth from ORR (T. Leonard, Personal Communication, September 29, 2015). In short, the agency has yet to deviate from these goals and continues to serve their goal of empowering sustainability among its refugee

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