Telstra Swot Analysis

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Telstra Corporation Limited is one of the leading communications and technology companies in Australia. Telstra started its business with Australia Post as a Government department, the post master general’s department but is now fully privatised. It offers a wide range of service in Australia as well as outside Australia. Although Telstra has its presence worldwide but main focus is on Asia Pacific. Telstra is an Australian company, having its’ registered office in Melbourne, Victoria. Telstra provides employment to 3000 people in 22 countries outside Australia and 32000 people in total. Telstra has a total share base of 1.4 million shareholders. Telstra provides technology services to Government departments, business entities (small and large)…show more content…
It also provide entertainment services like mobile, pay TV and internet access and other entertainment services. Telstra has a subsea cable network and has 2000 points of presence around the world like Asia, Europe and the Americas. The partners of Telstra are efficient enough to manage 15000 retail points or store, in which 362 stores are branded and 90 are the business centres of Telstra. Telstra is the largest mobile services provider to 16 million peoples; It is providing valuable services of fixed data to not less than 3.7 million of customers and 7.5 million of customers are taking the advantage of fixed voice service. From the strategic point of view, Telstra mainly focuses on driving value, three bases of improving customer’s advocacy and new business. Investment strategy of Telstra is focusing on opportunities that offer high growth in technology and solutions that provide leverage to assets of Telstra and helps the company to offer new services to its…show more content…
Source: Statement of Financial position, Telstra; June, 2014. AS the above picture shows the maximum revenue earned by the company is from Mobile services which are 38%. The revenue earned from mobiles in the year 2014 is $9,668 million followed by fixed portfolio which comprises fixed voice, fixed data and other fixed revenue amounts to $7,245 million in total. Part A2: Balance Sheet Analysis Balance sheet provides the statement of financial position of a company. It includes Assets, Liabilities, Debt and Equity of a company. It is used to evaluate the liquidity position of a company. It is a tool used to inform about the financial status of a company to stakeholders. All public and large proprietary companies are required by law to prepare their statement of financial position (Balance Sheet). Below are the components of balance sheet discussed in detail: a) Sum total of Current Assets: It is defines as the sum of all the assets of a company that are expected to be converted in cash within a year for example Cash, Account Receivables, Inventories and Supplies. Details Amount ($m) Cash and Cash Equivalents $5,527.00 Trade and Other Receivables $4,172.00 Inventories

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