Tell Tale Heart Guilt

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Sean Benedict Santos English 102 The Tell-Tale Heart The story ‘The Tell-Tale Heart, is about a narrator who tries to convince the reader that he isn’t crazy but has a disease (nervousness) that makes his senses sensitive. The unnamed narrator tells a story about how he took the life of an elderly man who he shared a house with. He killed the old man because his pale blue-eye to the narrator resembled a vulture and wanted to rid himself the fear that tormented him. It is obvious that the narrator is insane but he told his sanity before giving the details of the crime that he committed. The story uses two elements, exposition and resolution, to support the theme of the “Tell Tale Heart”, guilt. The main theme of this story is guilt. The…show more content…
What the narrator didn’t realize is the sound he heard was coming from a clock in another room. Guilt is an emotion that makes a person think and know that an action previously committed was not in a standard norms or right. The feeling of guilt affects the narrator so bad that he. Even with the smallest mistake, guilt can easily get into a person’s system. The more that we make mistakes, the more guilt feeling we can experience and deal with. I must say that the feeling of guilt of the narrator makes him admit what he did was wrong. The purpose of guilt is for us to realize that our actions are in conformity to the standard of behavior and what the society expects us to live. The first element used in the story is exposition. Each character’s name isn’t mentioned in the story and are unknown to the reader, the narrator however, himself gives a detailed explanation on how he killed the old man and later regretted the decision as mention in the first sentence of the second paragraph. He claimed that the old man never did anything wrong to him. That
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