Insanity In The Tell Tale Heart

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Prabina Dhakal Professor Matt Byers English 1302.03 27 February, 2015 The Tell Tale Heart In “The Tell Tale Heart” Edgar Allen Poe has introduced readers to a story of insanity, obsession and guilt. Readers see a series of emotions such as fear, anger, nervousness and guilt that take over the main character and contribute to his tragic end. Every small detail the narrator gave readers in this story makes an appeal to senses, representing things that can be seen, heard and felt. Poe establishes that his narrator is in a deeply disturbed mental state Poe supports his narration with the use of point of view, by creating the frantic and distressed tone as desired and giving the narrator its own similar characteristics. First, the main protagonist…show more content…
The story is a monologue of a confessed murderer of an old man telling the readers how he murdered an old man without having any motive. The whole story is told from the narrator’s point of view in a nervous and frantic tone. Through Poe’s masterful and creative writing, he is successful in creating a narrator’s insane mind. To add, the narrator’s contradicted logic increasingly reveals that he is insane. Though, he frequently says he is hypersensitive not insane. By using a first-person narrative, Poe intensifies the tension and fear running through the mind of the narrator. The narrator changes abruptly between calm, coherent statements to swift, irrational outbursts which clearly demonstrate his madness. His use of frequent exclamations discloses his extreme nervousness. There is a clear connection and parallelism between the psychological state and the word chosen by the author. The first-person point of view draws readers into the mind of an insane narrator, enabling one to ironically sympathize with his paranoid state of mind. Since, it is told in a first person narrative, it is apparent that the voice in which the story is told is an unusual one, characterized by starts and abrupt stops. So, the narrator clues to readers that his version of event is
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