Summary Of Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

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Copper Sun , by Sharon Draper, is an emotionally driven novel. Amari is a teenager from an African village, her village is raided and taken over by white men. She gets taken to America to be a slave. There were many different emotions in the story. Two of the most felt emotions are fear and confusion. One of the most felt emotions in this story was fear. In the beginning of this story, strangers came to the village. Everyone greeted them, but while they were all together, chaos erupted. “Villagers ran blindly into the fire, trying to escape and screaming for mercy, only to be felled by the terrible fire weapons of the strangely pale men.” This quote is from when the white men came and killed people in her village. She felt scared in this moment because, the people were using weapons they had never seen before, and people she knew were dying. Nobody really knew what…show more content…
This had a hard impact on the story because it set the scene, and started the story. It showed what the story is going to be about. Another example is the quote “Amari could see seabirds flying overhead, and she looked with the rest of the women at the faint hint of green in the distance. She did not share in the joy of the sailors, however. Amari was overcome by fear.” This happened when everyone was on the boat, and they were getting ready to get to land. The reason she felt scared was because she didn’t know what was coming next and it showed that more was coming. The impact it had was, it was the moment she realized that there was more happening than what she knew. Many different moments when Amari was scared happened at the Derby house. This particular one happened when Clay threw Tidbit into the river, for alligator bait. “Tidbit quivered and nodded. He looked at Amari one last time

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