Task 2d Buyer Behavior Analysis

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Task 2d Buyer Behaviour Buyer behaviour is the buying decision process and acts of people involved in buying and using the products and also includes factors that affect purchase decision and the usage of the products (Osmawati, 2012). Marketing activities of a company will be affected by consumer buying behaviour as the company wants to attract the consumers to make purchase at their company rather than their competitors. The first buying situation is consumers recognize their needs and purchase the needs which known as need recognition which is one of the process of decision making (Lamb, Cw, Hair, Jf, & McDaniel, 2013). Consumers recognize their needs when there is an imbalance between the actual states and desire states of the consumer.…show more content…
This buying situation has little involvement of consumer in decision making which also known as routine response behaviour (Lamb, Cw, Hair, Jf, & McDaniel, 2013). When consumers want to purchase a low cost product, consumers will mostly choose back the brands that they purchased before. Consumers will only evaluate the products after purchased, but the cognitive dissonance of consumers will not be occurred as the products purchased by consumers is cheap. If consumers have feeling discomfort with the products purchased, they can just buy a new one. For example, when a consumer who always purchases foods and drinks at KFC Malaysia during lunch time, will choose to buy back KFC fried chicken as their lunch. Besides, consumers will compare KFC Malaysia with other fast food restaurant such as McDonald. McDonald as the competitor of KFC Malaysia, will attract the consumers away from KFC Malaysia by offering new products such as provide meal with limited edition toys. In addition, there are more consumers begin to emphasize on healthy foods nowadays which will also affect consumers buying behaviour. For example, one of the competitor of KFC Malaysia in fast food industry, Subway has provide healthy foods to the consumers in order to help them control their calorie intake as well as satisfy their basic needs. Consumers can choose to buy Subway, if they prefer healthy foods option…show more content…
Motivation is the forces that encourage a consumer to take action to satisfy their needs. Maslow has posited a hierarchy of human needs as he wants to understand what motivates people. Based on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Maslow states that people is being motivated to achieve certain needs one-by-one in ascending order of importance (McLeod, 2007). Physiological needs which is the vital and basic needs such as air, food, drink, shelter and so on, has motivated consumers to purchase those needs, so that consumers can continue to survive and fulfil their physiological needs. Marketing activities of a company are being affected by the consumers buying behaviour which is the consumers is being motivated to fulfil physiological needs through purchasing foods and drinks. For example, KFC Malaysia has decided to produce multiple choices of foods and drinks in order to satisfy the physiological needs of the consumers as well as provide many choices for consumers to choose. In addition, KFC Malaysia is being affected to offer their foods and drinks at a cheaper and reasonable price, so that consumers can satisfy their basic needs at a cheaper rate and willing to purchase at KFC Malaysia. KFC Malaysia has also offers breakfast, lunch and

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