The F Word Firoozeh Dumas Analysis

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Just because a person is surrounded by a different culture than what he or she is that doesn’t mean he or she should ignore the culture surrounding him or her or ignore his or her culture. Trying to change something about a person to try to fit in is not going to help. A person would be considered ‘fake’ and not yourself. As a person adjusts to their surroundings, he or she struggles to keep their culture and the identity of themselves. Firoozeh Dumas graduated from Univeristy of California. Also, in 2001 is when she started writing her memoir . Two of her books were published. In Firoozeh Dumas’s “The ‘F’ Word”, she declares that American names are more accepted and recognized then foreign names. Firoozeh changed her name to Julie and…show more content…
in addition, she was published in about six magazines. In Grace Hsiang’s, “FOBs vs. Twinkies: The New Discrimination Is Intracial” she states that the kids want to follow in their parent’s footsteps, but one foot is in their parents culture and another is in the culture surrounding him or her. The kids are being pressured by their parents to choose a culture. “But we cannot completely embody one culture when we are living another.”(343) Grace argues that we should be looked at as embracing both cultures not just one. The terms F.O.B. (Fresh Off the Boat) and Twinkies is used to separate the Asian Americans. F.O.B.’s are Asians who stick to their parents culture meanwhile Twinkies are Asians who become too American. It wasn’t that other people were picking on the kids it was those in their culture pressuring them to join their parents community but no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t. Grace and Firoozeh both tried to hold onto their cultures but while surrounded by another it was hard. Firoozeh actually changed her name to fit in but ended up changing it back. No matter how hard you try to hide your culture it still comes back. Grace told the audience the struggle kids had in choosing their own culture or the American culture. Becoming American does not mean a person needs to let go out their own culture. They can still practice or do what they do in their own

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