Syrian Refugees Response Paper

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Beliefs are defined as mental notions that are required for or deemed necessary for life choices (Little, Bruce. 2015). Often times, our beliefs are formed throughout different periods in our lives. A small child may hold certain beliefs about who his/her parents are or what kinds of people they are; as well, a person may adopt certain beliefs from our parents as we age into adolescence or adulthood. However, finding one’s core beliefs involves distinguishing between what we believe is true and what we have been taught that contradicts with our individual belief system. In searching within one’s own philosophies, questions such as “Are people assumed to be basically good or bad” and “Are we born moral, immoral, or amoral” (Robbins, Chatterjee,…show more content…
It is evident that the proper model of help for this situation would be the crisis model (Robbins, et. ca., 2012, p. 12). The crisis model is presented as a situation in which a person; in this case the Syrian refugees; have experienced recent trauma or crisis and the response is crisis management (Robbins, et. ca., 2012, p.10). The ideology of the crisis model blames the source of the crisis which in this situation is the political unrest in Syrian and the rise of rebels against President Balshar al-Alsaad and his government (BBC, 2015). This conflict began in 2011 and has erupted in civil war and the displacement of over four million people fleeing for safety. As part of the crisis model, “the recipients deserve sympathy and understanding” and the helper would be a crisis manager of some type (Robbins, et. ca.,2012, p.12). According to the models of help, the helper(s) in Germany who are dealing with the increase of refugees would be the city councillor and other government agencies or leaders (Robbins, et., ca, 2012, p.12). These individuals would most certainly be paid their normal wages by the government to lead the team handling the Syrian refugee crisis. In this situation, the government ends up being the advocate for the client. The government decided to help the refugees and is prepared to continue to bring in more refugees as it is needed despite some discontent or disproval from the country’s citizens (Eckard, A.,

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