Photography Personal Narrative

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I had fallen in love with a bright light and a click. It had cost me almost $3,000 to keep my now addiction. When I was 10, I had picked it up for the first time and was instantly turned off. As a person who really liked to document everything, I had to keep pushing myself to enjoy photography. Gradually, I became infatuated with everything about a camera. At 12, I had imagined all the different body types, films, lenses, and cases. Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer, were my second homes. While my mom was restocking supplies for home, I could be found in the electronics isle. Khakis and name tags bombarded me with questions whenever I had my face pressed against the glass, which encased the cameras I couldn’t have. Most of the time I tuned out the workers, and while my mom was paged over the…show more content…
At age 13, I had finally saved up enough money to buy an amateur camera, the Canon t3i with six memory cards. It took me a lot of effort and energy to persuade my mom into allowing me to spend my entire bank account at one place, but now, it is seen as the best investment I’ve made to this day. My expectation was that photography would come easy. I had a wrong mind set wrong from the beginning; there were so many other subjects that you had to understand to even get close to taking a semi-decent picture. Physics was a major part of photography because you had to understand how light and optics worked. The very next weekend after buying my camera, I immediately escaped from my house to practice what I had learned. Honestly, I have to laugh at myself, the excitement I had was the same amount of enjoyment I had felt on Christmas morning as a child. Of course, the reality of it all caught up to me really quick. Being a naïve 13 year old, I had thought that after reading some articles I would become a professional photographer that could charge unnecessary prices for simple pictures. After one hour of not only torturing myself but also the camera, I
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