How Ww1 Affected Canada

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Canada was greatly affected economically from WWI, the war brought many new jobs to Canadians, had the country go through a major industrialization period, but it did inflict great pain with the huge cost of the war and the added income tax to support the war. To begin, World war one helped a starving economy, when the war started the citizens started volunteering to go overseas and fight alongside the allied there were a variety of new jobs overseas open to men and women. Men were recruited as soldiers as much as 450000, while there were over 3000 women recruited as nurses and ambulance drivers. These recruitments kick started the economy, once the jobs were distributed and people started working the economy was back on track with goods and services traded for food and health care. This kick start of the economy made Canada an independent country. The industrialization era began with changing a…show more content…
Each day Canada was spending upwards of 1 million dollars each day and a total of 1.3 billion dollars by the time things have settled down. Money was a huge hurdle for Canada during WWI, when the war started Canada was undergoing an economical conflict. Once the war started and the allied side needed ammunition, soldiers and guns, Canada was not very sure of what to do and how they can possibly afford them so they made victory bonds/loans. A system where any Canadians citizen is eligible to give the government 1 dollar to help fund the war, and get 2 dollars in ten years. Canada's victory bonds alone were simply not enough to afford all of the products for such a growing and demanding army, so income tax was put in place. Income tax was a financial charge put in place to help raise extra money for the WWI war funds. This tax included any Canadian citizen with a job and income. Not everyone supported this idea and many believed that they did not have to give up a portions of

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