How Is Tituba Presented In The Crucible

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Part Two: Context In this section of the novel, Tituba is currently imprisoned, being tried for falsely accused witchcraft. The people of Salem have begun to motion against those who they believed under them; blacks, homeless, and those whose actions are intolerable (adultery, embezzling, etc.). They scream and fall into a panic attack like state whenever they see these people and when asked what’s wrong, they accuse those they are trying to repress of bewitching them with the devil’s curse and other unworldly forces. Those accused will attend a court, where they will most likely be found guilty of witchcraft despite the actuality of the situation. In this passage, Tituba’s husband, John Indian, Is visiting tituba in jail, and he reveals to her that he too has begun to falsely accuse people by fake howling, screaming and seizing. Tituba fears that her husband will turn on her and begin to accuse her of witchcraft, and that she will be sent to her death. Part Three: Concepts…show more content…
She used to think of him as her ticket to a new world without racism where she could have equality, but that has changed now, and he is her enemy. In one move he could fake a scene, and when tried, he will accuse her of tormenting him, and she will be found guilty, for he is a white man in the town of

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