American Dad Sociological Analysis

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American Dad is a popular adult cartoon sitcom that has been playing for several years. The show follows a seemingly normal American family, the Smiths. The family includes a CSI agent named Stan who is the father, his beautiful housewife Francine, their hippie daughter Haley, and the youngest son Steve. Resulting in Stan’s job as a CSI agent, the Smiths also have a talking goldfish named Klaus with the brain of a German skier and an alien named Rodger who takes on multiple alter egos throughout the show. The creators of the television show came up with the idea for it after the election in 2000 when president Bush was elected. They were so frustrated with the administration they channeled it into a show about a CSI agent and his liberal daughter.…show more content…
The feminist theory makes itself present in many episodes of American Dad, but really stuck out in and episode called “Stan Goes on the Pill.” The episode focuses on Stan’s communication with his wife, Francine. Francine starts refusing to sleep with her husband because he has a hard time listening to her stories about her day. Stan brings his problem to the attention of his Deputy Director, Bullock, who gives him a pill that makes a man able to listen well to a woman. Later, Stan takes the pill only to find the very prominent defect of him turning into a very beautiful woman. Stan is forced to wait as the CSI must find a way to reverse the symptom. However, as the story goes forward, Bullock finds the new Stan very sexually appealing. He starts making sexual advances towards the female Stan even after he finds out there is a way to turn him into a man again. The sociology in this situation definitely shows the inequality of men and women. Stan and Bullock were at a pretty equal level of power at the workplace, but once Stan turned into a woman, Bullock only saw him as a sexual object. This situation definitely shows the inequality of men and women and, in turn, the feminist theory. Even though this is a fictional situation, the problem of gender inequality is alive today in our real

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