Bridesmaids Movie Gender Roles

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identification of female, they refers female as object, women can more often feel themselves as men’s perspective. The male gaze focuses on female display of how men think that women should be preceived. Male spectatorship assume to be active, independent and assertive, while female spectators look to be passive, relationship-oriented and more interdependent comparative to men. Men and women spectatorship will lead to specific gender roles in which shape gender attitude and behaviour. Some researchers suggested that media such as film and magazine have an important effect on the shifting social position of men and women. Men have been most representative in the media throughout the long history of contemporary films, many researchs proven…show more content…
The film is lead by six main female characters. Firstly, certainly Lillan the one who is in charge of the bridal production for her own wedding and her best friend Annie which is the main character in the film, alongside with the other four bridesmaids, including Becca, Rita, Helen and Megan. Throughout the film, Helen and Annie have developed a jealousy of being the one in charge of the duties for the bridal production. They fight for the support of the other four bridesmaids andthe competition of being the best maid of honor for Lillan’s bridal production, creating many funny and comedic scene in the film. ‘Bridesmaids’ also revolves a relationship between Annie and a male character, Nathan, representing the heterosexual gaze between men and women. “On television women are more frequently shown, not as friends, but in opposition to each other, as love or business rivals.” (Gamman Lorraine, 1988, p.13). However the film do not only focus on the relationship betweem men and women, but most of the story concentrated on friendship between female characters. And lastly, the film ends with the five bridemaids work togethers to look for Lillan before her wedding, they apologises to each other, and rebuild thier…show more content…
News pregnant accidentally. How he struggles about the fact that he will soom become a father. The two of them begin a relationship due to the accidentally pregnancy without knowing much about each other. Their relationship comes with a lot of arguments, Alison believed that Ben does not have a commitment in being a father, casuing many confliction and frustration between them, and they end up breaking up with each other. After breaking up, Ben start getting more mature than before, he start focusing on his new job and start reading some baby books. In fact, Bens get to meet Alison again after her call, he bring her to the hospital and Alsion gives birth of the baby. This film ends with a happy ending, Alison appreciates the Ben’s changes of being a more mature and responsible men, three of them live together as a happy family ever

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