Discrimination In The Crucible

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Imagine being stuck in a trial you have no reason to attend, yet you are the center of attention. This is your trial, and you are there for an unspeakable deed. You have been caught dancing in a garden while singing. Your first reaction may be “why am I on trial for a dumb reason like that?” Well, in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, this is the entire plot of the story. Some girls are caught out in the woods dancing and chanting, so immediately the town believes people are turning to witchcraft. Today, we witness many forms of “crucibles” in our lives. A crucible is a situation of severe trial, and the trials in The Crucible can be compared to situations that occur in our world today. As we look at our world we see so many flaws in our systems of living, however everyone has their own opinion on what “crucibles” are occurring around us. The first situation…show more content…
You can see in this passage here of the control the white man had on the black servant. When you look at the 1960s, you see all the racial discrimination and how the African Americans are truly proud of their race. They will fight for their freedom from discrimination and prejudice. Tituba won’t confess just like the African Americans when they marched and went on strike and they didn’t let conflicts get the best of them. The Crucible shows a very well written description of the struggles Tituba and the other servants faced. The trials in The Crucible can be compared to situations that occur in our world today. When you look at some of the crucibles in our world like religion, shootings, and racial issues, you see that even though The Crucible takes place in 1692 we aren’t that different. We still make up speculations, and we still accuse people on false account. The world won’t ever be perfect, but there are ways we can work together to make the world an easier place to live and thrive

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