Swot Analysis Of Ikea

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IKEA is a worldwide known as outlets that provide home fittings. Where you can obtain product for decorate you house to a good place. The results for having an excellent business, IKEA have expanded their business at 315 stores in 27 countries IKEA offer to their customers a range of 9500 products As we already know IKEA provide a broad scope of product in terms of function, design and finally by being synchronize at all times such as for bedroom, bathroom, office equipment, outdoor, living room, kitchen and children furniture. Everything you need and wants just told them, there can get it for you. They always give the good quality product, safety from both a health and nature feature to their customers. The most things is in IKEA they uses raw materials are from cotton, wood, plastic, cardboard more prefer to repair rather than destroyed…show more content…
For different IKEA Company around the world, they offer differences features on their product. In France, they provide refrigerator with no two-doors but in American have two-doors models This company has been providing products carefully and different for any room in the house and also for all rating age They focus on care of customers and the lower price. Product IKEA is to help normal people by selling product in lower price rather than rich people because rich people can afford product in higher prices. Before IKEA produce a product they make a research to meet the need and wants of customer in life. Because they want a help people who are working hard to improve their life, and who may live in small and compact homes to fulfill what they desire IKEA is an internationally retailer that provides product, services and also food in their restaurants. This company is a friendly retail stores from the other furniture company because IKEA allows customer’s family to make a purchase together in their shop while the other furniture company doesn’t allow

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