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What is SME? SME stands for Small to Medium Enterprise. It is an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). SME is labeled as a business in which the employee does not exceed 500 and not less than 51 people. Small business comprised of 1-50 employees. With this new definition, expected more companies, especially in the services sector, will be classified as SMEs to help transform the country into a high income nation through initiatives under the SME Master plan. As a result of the change in definition, the percentage of the total number of SME business in the country is expected to increase from 97.3% currently to 98.5%. The company named M. H. Mohd Industries Sdn. Bhd is a combination of Mr. Muhammad bin Yusoff…show more content…
Bhd Based on the selection strategy, SWOT analysis is an appropriate planning to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats towards the company MH Mohd Industries Sdn. Bhd. SWOT analysis is suitable for use in all types of industries including food manufacturing industry. It involves the business objectives of the company in order to identify the internal and external factors of the company. It will state the profit and unprofitable to achieve industry. 2.1 Strength Strength is generated on the inner edge for a long time allowed is constantly remaining in the industry. The strength of the company and competitors can guarantee integrity in the long time to run. Among power companies owned by MH Mohd Industries Sdn. Ltd. is a company that has a strong name in the state of Kelantan, affordable product price or cheaper, has a wide range of products and has a loyal customer. 2.1.1 Loyal customer Users or customers to have power in determining the success or failure of the products developed by the entrepreneurs, only supply high quality products, reliable and known only to be purchased by consumers. Therefore, the companies Mh Mohd acts smart and always strive to understand the needs and expectations of their users in line with the country's economic situation and alert the user preferences, loyal consumers will continue to buy their products from time to…show more content…
Cheap price Customers will usually rebel against rising prices and will switch to a competitor's products, but Mh Mohd has power over the pricing of their products. Because Mh Mohd is a company that offers products affordable to everyone. Even offering cheaper prices, but remain concerned about the quality of Mh Mohd their products because their goal is to be selected from a variety of nations. For example the price of chili sauce's tomato sauce produced by the company is not more than RM3 only for medium

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