Sacrifice To People During The Great Depression

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Have you ever heard of The Great Depression? Well, this was a horrible time when many people lost their jobs and went bankrupt. It all started in the 1930s. Many jobs closed and many more people lost their jobs. They weren’t able to support themselves let alone a family. Lots of people lost their homes and their belongings. There were some families that were able to struggle through it and keep their houses, but they also had to make great sacrifices. This is an essay on some of those kind of things happening to people during The Depression. First of all many people lost their jobs. The jobs weren’t making enough money so they had to shut down. Many large factories or companies had to shut down and all the people that worked there lost their jobs. Some of those big companies like mines. Think of all the millions of people that worked in those giant mines, then the mines shut down and they all lost their jobs. It was horrible. All these big companies shut down so there is less job opportunities, then the people can’t find jobs because there were less job offers. It was a disaster. Next think of all the sacrifices people had to make to keep their home and family…show more content…
Many people must had lost hope after a while. But I think the people that survived the best had the most hope. Lots are farmers had to have hope or else they wouldn’t make it. They had to hope for rain or else they would go crazy. “He takes his red face of his out to the barn,to keep from feuding with my pregnant ma.” (Hesse) During The Great Depression it didn’t rain a much at all, so the farmers had to have hope or they would go mad and leave their farm. But then there are also just the normal people living in the city, it is easy for them to go mad because they can’t get a job to support their families. Since there were not many jobs they would do anything to get a job, not many people got jobs and others would get mad that they couldn’t get a
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