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One of travelers says this is serious sushi at a serious price but with the warmest of welcomes. The first challenge is to find the place, there's no English sign outside. It's on a small street behind the Gion Hotel. There are about eight seats at the bar and two tables for four, one of which looks like the staff table. The menu is simple: sushi only or sashimi and sushi, about ¥15,000. The food is beyond reproach, as you'd expect at that price. They particularly seemed to enjoy the chance to taste different cuts of tuna from the same fish - especially they seemed to like the paler pink tuna. The staff are all delightful. Highly recommended for great food in a nicely relaxed atmosphere. One of travelers says Sushisei is one of the best sushi places in Kyoto. Sit at the counter if you can - you can chat with the sushi chef and the portions of…show more content…
There is always a line outside the restaurant waiting for a table. The reataurant itself is quite small with only few tables. The menu is an iPad so you can order whenever you want.The sushi is good, the tempura is also good. The prices are good and worth the price.The staff is very friendly and speak a good English. It's worth a visit and the wait for sure. Travelers say this sushi restaurant is much better than your typical kaiten sushi. Of course the prices are a bit higher but still very reasonable for what you get. Musashi Sushi is famous in Japan, that means you have to queue. Grab a plate from the belt or order from the chefs if you can't see what you like. Well worth a visit for kaiten-sushi lovers, as well as the complete sushi novice! Travelers say this is the REAL authentic high class sushi served in a traditional minimalist environment. Go for the chefs selection course and you'll be taken on a journey of exquisite tastes. The food is really good, watching each piece get made is an art! The service is also excellent. Highly

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