Susan Glaspell's Trifles

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Sometimes people are judged unfairly or blamed for things they did not do. It is believed everyone is innocent until proven guilty. There are several cases where people are seen guilty due to body language and clues. In the murder of John Wright his wife is considered the primary suspect due to her not showing any emotions for her husband death, and for being close to the victim. The 2 police officers went to Mrs. Wright house and inspected it but they did not find any clues connecting her with the murder. They were unable to find a motive as well but the women who were left in the kitchen; according to men that’s the only place women can be. They found several clues and a possible motive tying Mrs. Wright to the crime. In the play Trifles the author Susan Glaspell writes about how the two…show more content…
To start off, Women were seen that they were not worth anything, men overlooked them most of the time. What is quite ironic is the play is named the Trifles and “Trifles” mean the little things. The author Susan Glaspell wrote this play based on women, it took place in a house where women are constantly doing housework. According to Mikes Maillakais “This play was a way glaspell could show the world how women were viewed and treated unfair. “ (np)The play starts off with the men inspecting everything including the kitchen but did not find anything, when the women start to snoop around. Mrs. Peters finds an empty bird cage and asked Mrs. Hale if mrs.wright had a bird. Suspicion arose because there was no bird to be found so they began to discuss possibilities on why there was an empty cage. Mrs. Peters states an observation “why, look at this door. It’s broke. One hinge is pulled apart” (Glaspell line

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