Argumentative Essay On Puppy Farms

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The Horrors of Puppy Farming When you look in the window at an adorable puppy do you ever think about their life before they got there? Did you know that over four million puppies are bred and farmed in puppy mills every year in the United States? Puppy mills / farms are where dogs are inhumanely bred in disgusting conditions where they grow up into a dark, cold and lonely cage and then sold off to pet shops and customers who have no idea what they are buying. Breeding dogs is not illegal, but interbreeding puppies from the same litter, and breeding in the harsh conditions that they are, is illegal and all puppy farms should be shut down. Pet shops should not buy farmed puppies. Puppies that are purchased from pet stores are most likely from puppy farms, and have a high chance of dying young, getting diseases or having mental problems. In America, a popular pet store called ‘Petland’ was accused of purchasing puppies that were bred in horrible conditions from puppy…show more content…
The ASPCA in New York City have saved and rescued over 770 dogs from 5 different puppy farms. Because of the bravery and heroic acts from the ASPCA, the lives of 770+ dogs have been saved, and the puppy farms will all have lost a large amount of puppies which could mean that they have to shut down because they don’t have enough dogs to produce puppies anymore. In New Zealand, there are so many groups trying to fundraise money to shut down all the puppy farms but not enough people know about the horrors that go on inside. If you think about a farm, you would not picture abuse and misery, so you would have no intention to shut down one. With the media, puppy farms are now becoming known around the world and more and more people are trying to make a change. Every single puppy mill should be shut down and the owners should go to court and be locked up for animal

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