Superman Act 1 Scene 1

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Superman presentation – what will be said Scene 1: Who is Superman? We all know the basic superman story of who he is and where he came from but what we don’t know is that superman’s character has actually gone through many stages, one of them being that at one stage he was not even super. He was just an average man fighting crime during the Great Depression without the help of any super powers. However, this version of superman was rejected by the printers and the creators then created the superman that we see today with supernatural strength and many other unnatural powers. To make him more relatable they gave him a secret identity where he would blend in with humans on a regular day to day basis. Superman was one of the very first superheroes to be created and is often said to have been the basis for future superheroes such as Batman and Captain America, he was first created in 1935 but only properly introduced in 1938 in the comic book series “Action Comics” yet he did not have his own comic book until later. Superman was first created to fight for social justice mainly small crimes such as an attempted robbery and even stopping a drunk driver.…show more content…
Superman was used a propaganda tool in World War two as we see here, he is attacking a Nazi troop and in this photo we can see that they are using him as a tool to get people to buy war bonds, that they will be helping him and doing what is right (because he says they must do it clearly it is the best option). Also he was a symbol of hope for many people during WW2 as well as the Great

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