Superego In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies can be read as an allegory for Freud’s model of the human psyche. Based on this interpretation, Ralph can be seen to represent the Ego. Freud’s model of the human psyche is an iceberg, with the conscious mind being the small part above water and the unconscious mind being the very large part that is submerged. Ego is the part of the mind that is the middle part that referees between the Id and the Superego. The Id encourages is to seek physical satisfaction (sexual, nutritional) and the Superego is the part of the mind that prompts us to do the moral thing, not the one that feels best. In this book Piggy represents the Superego and Jack represents the Id, keep that in mind. When the boys first land on the island, Ralph meets Piggy at the beach. Piggy finds a conch shell and Ralph blows into it in hope to assemble the boys. He blows and boys star appearing; and one of those boys happen to be Jack. He leads the choir. Ralph decides to hold a meeting and decides they ought to have a chief. He calls for a vote, he wins. He lets Jack be head of the choir and Piggy be the head of the littluns. He doesn't favor the id or the superego, he…show more content…
During this feast they eat a pig and are forced to do a weird dance that is a ritual for killing the pig. During this Simon comes back and they overwhelmed with their Ids, they attack simon and brutally kill him. This is when the Id wins over the fight with the ego. Jack, the Id, gets Piggy, the Superego, to also join in, proving that in this case the Ego is now on the side of the Id. (LOTF) “The beast struggled forward, broke the ring, and fell over the steep edge of the rock to the sand by the water. At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore. There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws.” (page
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