Invisible Man Monologue

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“Hello, sir.” I curtsied, supposedly looking honoured to meet this man. I’m not, in the least, he is a vile creature whom I wish not to converse with. Yet, I’m here, practically bowing to the man my father is forcing me to marry. “Ah, yes, hello.” He did not direct that to me, to my father instead. They held conversation for a few moments, mostly about the weather, typical. My father, James, looked, in disappointment, at me then walked to meet my brother. “Rude man.” I muttered once he was out of earshot, my sister, Molly, apparently hearing me. She tends to do so. “Be quiet, Eliza! Mr. White might hear you!” She whisper-yelled, in her high, innocent voice. White was my soon-to-be husband, his name is White, Alexander. A tarnished man…show more content…
Afterwards, with the kitten with me, I walked downstairs, careful of the men up and seeing me. “Mother? Is everyone alright?” All that was heard back was the creaking and groaning of the floorboards, they become quite creepy in the afternoon. I decided I’m keeping the cat too, no animal should be left without a home. “Hmm, what to name you,” I whisper, careful of both its ears and waking the family. “Do you enjoy the name Smudge? Or would you rather Missy?” I asked, rubbing their small stomach. Meowing in response is not a very well put together answer, but it’ll do. “Once for Smudge, twice for Missy.” One meow, or not? “Ah, I see. Smudge is quite the name for a kitten such as you.” He, just found out he was male, was a small (most likely a runt) black and white mouser. His white fur blended into his black, looking grey. “Molly! May you come ‘ere?” What the bloody- My accent isn’t fading at all. Hearing her small feet pad against the wood, I started to stroke Smudge, in case he got frightened. “Hello! How do you far- Exactly what are you doing? If I may ask.” She burst out giggling, watching my hand awkwardly in the corner hidden and
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